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  1. Katie’s Law – DNA Collection Encouraged


    March 5, 2013 by Turn The Page

    Crimes and tragedy open our eyes to the needs around us in many ways. Unfortunately, a horrific murder of a …
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  2. The Future of DNA Testing?


    January 11, 2013 by Turn The Page

    Does anyone else feel extremely OLD when they run across something dated in 2000 and realize that was 13 YEARS …
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  3. DNA Testing – Dead or Alive


    November 14, 2012 by Turn The Page

    I suppose the idea of DNA testing a deceased person’s remains isn’t all that uncommon. After all, many are still …
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  4. New Technologies in DNA Open Up Murder Case


    June 20, 2012 by Turn The Page

    We loved this statement from a news article this week, New technology could potentially produce a DNA profile. We absolutely …
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  5. Crime and The Cops


    May 24, 2012 by Turn The Page

    We’ve covered all kinds of cool reasons why DNA is used these days, but we’ve never really mentioned one of …
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