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Kim and Kanye Baby News Creates Nationwide Excitement and Speculations


January 3, 2013 by Turn The Page

Now don’t think we’re crazy but we can’t hold back a blog about the hottest story on E! News and Entertainment Tonight right now – Kanye and Kim’s baby. We know we touched on Kardashian gossip awhile back but this is just too good to pass up. Especially for a DNA blogger who loves all things paternity and genetics.

Kim Kardashian

Now this story didn’t catch my attention because of any issues with paternity. It’s clearly stated that Kim Kardashian is carrying Kanye West’s baby. No paternity suits to follow – at least for now. And, the two of them seem to be very excited and happy. So why does this DNA blogger take an interest? Well, because of the frenzy the media has created to report “breaking news” and interesting tidbits. A recap of Kim’s almost-divorce timeline? Check. Footage from Kanye’s concerts and infamous stunts and speeches? Check. A hypothetical sketch of what a little mini-Kanye or mini-Kim (Kimye – as already termed by the media) will look like? Check. I can only imagine what those two think of the reporting that’s going on regarding their future child.

Pregnancy, Prenatal & Paternity Services

So you ask – why are we interested over here at the DNA blog? Well because much of what we do could answer potential questions that may arise from wondering fans or the famous family themselves.

  • How far along is Kim?
    Our pregnancy testing is accurate & can determine the fetal stage and verify pregnancy as early as 10 days past ovulation.
  • Is Kanye really the father?
    No – we’re not saying there is any dispute over this. But in the event someone is wondering, a prenatal DNA blood test can determine paternity without any harm to baby or mama.
  • Are there twins?
    In the event there are twins – we can determine if they are identical or fraternal.
  • What is the baby’s heritage?
    An ancestry DNA test is performed by a simple cheek swab and indicates what parts of the globe family members originated from.

We wish Kim and Kanye a happy pregnancy and can’t wait … along with the rest of the world … to see how this future little superstar turns out! If you need paternity testing or are trying to answer some of these same questions – find the nearest Test Smartly Labs to you!

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  1. It’s amazing the press these little unborn celebrity babies get. And once they are born, it seems like it dies down quite a bit, since they are still just babies after all and can’t cause too much celebrity drama

  2. Who is Kim Kardashian? Just kidding. I hope the baby is healthy and that they both take great of him or her.

  3. Pin Oak Hill says:

    It’s crazy how much attention celebrity babies get. But I guess it’s huge that it is two interesting figures as the parents

  4. The TIL Show says:

    I’m more interested and seeing how the child will turn out with such huge media stars of parents. I’d imagine it’ll be hard to escape the spotlight as they grow up

  5. What a huge media frenzy. This situation plays perfectly into those “entertainment shows”

  6. Hopefully that child can try and live a normal life, although everyone will know who he or she is from day one

  7. All I can say is good luck to that child. Good post!

  8. We can determine so many things early in pregnancy now, its amazing. Great services offered at Test Smartly Labs!

  9. That child will have an interesting life. Hope being in the celebrity spotlight doesn’t negatively affect him.

  10. How amazing is it that we can determine so many things before the baby is even born!? Can you imagine when this baby, and Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby have a baby?? What will we be testing then??

  11. Looks like she has to file for divorce from Kris now. I think she was waiting so she wouldn’t have to pay so much money to him.

  12. Definitely interested to see how this child turns out. Hopefully the celebrity parents realize the responsibility they now have

  13. Bottle Hound says:

    It is cool that so much information is available about the baby, before it is even born.

  14. I think it’s amazing the things we can do these days. However, I still prefer the old fashioned ways.

  15. I wonder what kind of protection they will have for their new baby.

  16. I hope that the child is allowed to live a somewhat normal life, and that he doesn’t become another victim of the celebrity child system.

  17. Definitely big news in the celebrity world. Wonder how that little one will perceive life as they grow up.

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