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Genealogy and DNA

Pulling out the ole’ family tree is nothing new. For years, families have reunited through reunions and parties, often pulling out the long chart to add babies and marriages to a complex grid of names and dates, keeping the tradition of recording family lines going.

While some in the United States know exactly where they descend from and carry the pride of their family heritage, many others have no clue about “who they are.” Lack of accurate record keeping, early loss of life, hidden family secrets and pure mystery have all left unanswered questions for many who make up the “Melting Pot” of the U.S.

Finding answers with DNA Testing

With the technological advancements of science in our day, DNA research hasn’t only unlocked the clue to curing disease and solving infertility issues. It’s also given a path to understanding ancestry and genealogy even better. And in some cases, giving someone answers their family has searched for throughout the years.

We stand amazed at what we can find out through DNA testing. Sure, there are the basics – Who’s that baby’s daddy? But then there are the others – Am I American Indian? I could have Irish blood in me? Is this woman really my birth mom? These stories give us chills.

Join us as we blog about all of the amazing things coming out of DNA research. Each day there’s a new headline, a new advancement, and new answers. We can’t wait to see what genetic testing continues to uncover.

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