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DNA Ancestry Tests Solve Family Trees


February 20, 2012 by Turn The Page

We recently met a woman who requested an appointment for an Ancestry DNA test. Her family had always suspected that her great-grandmother carried a Native American gene, yet never knew for sure. They assumed the grandmother chose to not disclose this piece of family history because of her experience with cultural stereotypes and feared implications. The woman requesting the test received inheritance money and decided to invest in solving the family tree mystery once and for all with a DNA test.

DNA Tests for Family Tree Genealogy

DNA Tests can trace where each of your ancestors came from – all the way back to Adam and Eve. Over time, gene mapping research has allowed scientists to discover unique gene sequences among people groups across the globe. Making it simple to outline any family tree.  The DNA structures of those living in Uganda look differently than those in Russia or Sweden, for example. Years of research has now come to the consumer level through DNA tests.

With a simple cheek swab, a sample is sent off for extensive testing and DNA comparisons. The results come in the form of a highlighted world map, displaying each part of the world that an individual’s ancestors came from. The map also shows which areas have a higher concentration in an individual’s personal DNA sequence.

Solving Family Tree Mysteries with Ancestry DNA Tests

Many have spent hours in libraries and online ancestry websites looking for clues about their ancestors. Several in the United States are especially looking for links to Native Americans, African-Americans or those who came on the Mayflower. Showing a direct descent from these blood lines can open the door for education assistance and more.

It’s amazing what we can find out these days through a simple cheek swab. You can know exactly where your ancestors came from. And put all of the family myths to rest.

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