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Host a DNA Party!


February 19, 2012 by Turn The Page

Last week we mentioned meeting a woman who was determined to find out her family secrets through an Ancestry DNA test at Test Smartly Labs. As she told us her story, she mentioned she’d be hosting a “DNA” party. Instead of simply mentioning to her siblings she’d undergone a gene mapping test, she wanted to celebrate in a fun way! We LOVED her idea and thought many of our blog readers would, too.

Host Your Own DNA Party

If having a test that will tell you exactly where your family descended from isn’t exciting enough, a DNA party can make it even more fun! Especially if you’re wanting a unique way to inform your family and friends of the results.

Depending on how your test comes out, theme a party around the cultures that your descendents came from. You can mix themes to show all of the areas of the world your ancestors came from through decor, food, activities and even gifts!

Cultural Themed Party Ideas

Need some help getting started? Here are a few ideas for how to incorporate some of the most common cultures we see discovered on the Ancestry DNA tests. Of course, with every culture there’s a new idea … so leave a comment and let us know other ideas! Make sure to make it your own, and find your own personal way of celebrating your heritage!

  • Native American – Use headdress as decor, and have some for your guests!
  • African American – If you’ve descended from an African culture, find artwork to add ambiance and bring in a djembe drum player
  • Latin American – The food choices from the Latin American culture from which you descend can make the party great altogether! Other fun elements could include music from the culture or a way to teach your guests some common Spanish phrases used in the country.
  • Chinese – Outside of the obvious cuisine choices, you could have Chinese games sitting around the party or recreate a Chinese New Year
  • Japanese – Celebrate with sushi and origami!
  • Irish – Maybe dressing in green and drinking ale all night is too obvious. But, it works. Throw in some potatoes for good fun, too.
  • European – Find unique aspects about the countries from which you descend. Some are known for beers, shoes, watches and more. You could even have print-outs of famous people who’ve come from the countries.
  • Middle Eastern – In addition to some great food options, decorate with sand and the beautiful colors that come from these countries.

There’s a running start! Let us know what other ideas you have!



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