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New Technologies in DNA Open Up Murder Case


June 20, 2012 by Turn The Page

We loved this statement from a news article this week,

New technology could potentially produce a DNA profile.

We absolutely hate that murder trials exist in the first place, however we love that DNA technology is used to not only solve crimes but bring justice to families and to the innocent. And that’s exactly what authorities are trying to do in a case coming from Oskaloosa, KS (near Lawrence.)

Read more about DNA helping a murder case from Oskaloosa

How DNA is Used in Murder Case

This case dates back to 1999 when a 14-year-old student got off the school bus and was later found dead near her parent’s home a few days later. She was living in a mobile home with her sister, another man and their children. The man she was living with was soon accused of her murder and sentenced to jail (After his brother was accused yet then recanted and led authorities to him.) Although he’s repeatedly declared innocence for over a decade, he’s continued be be imprisoned. Previous DNA testing requested by attorneys didn’t help his case and “didn’t yield useful results.”


DNA testing on clothing for murder case answers

DNA Testing Clothing for Answers

According to an article by the Associated Press, attorneys on the case are now requesting that the clothing from the victim be tested for DNA. New technology is allowing them to get a better profile and hopefully an answer about if the prisoner truly is innocent or not. Big shoes for this DNA test to fill, but hopefully it will be one step closer to solving the case. We’re hopeful that this test will finally bring about answers many have been waiting on for years.

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