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Your Favorite Celebs and Their Family History


May 28, 2013 by Turn The Page

woman reading magazineThe tabloids in the checkout lane tell us a lot about our favorite celebrities. I don’t know why we are fascinated by the details of their everyday lives, but something just makes us curious.

We hear lots about the stars, but who doesn’t want to learn more?

A TV show produced in part by Lisa Kudrow takes our celebrity-crazed nation to the next level. Now, we can take a journey with a famous actor or musician to learn about his or her ancestry. Each episode takes us on a new adventure through family history.

The series, based on an award-winning program of the same name from BBC, started in 2010 on NBC. After three seasons, the program is now being picked up by the network TLC.

What is it all about?

In the show’s three season history, about 27 different celebrities have been featured. Stars like Matthew Broderick, Tim McGraw, Paula Dean and Jason Sudeikis delve into their ancestry in each episode.

The dynamic show features interviews with ancestry professionals, trips around the world and intimate conversations with the stars and their family members. The format of the show lets viewers into the lives of these big names.

Family History…Who Cares?

Your family history is very personal. You probably have a few family stories that you don’t like to share with everyone. You also probably have some legendary stories that are fun to share. When it comes to your ancestry, you are bound to the people who came before you. They are your family- connected by your DNA.

Most of us don’t have well-documented family trees. Maybe we know the names and occupations of our great-great grandparents. Beyond that, though, we aren’t too familiar with our distant family members.

A Lesson on Who You Are

As we watch the celebrities on “Who Do You Think You Are?”, we see them experience self-discovery. Yes, they learn about their ancestors, but they also discover things about themselves. This process of exploring their family always leaves them with a surprise.

The awesome thing about ancestry research is just that- you learn about yourself through the family members that came before you. You are linked to the faces in those black and white pictures. You are who you are today, in part, because of those ancestors.

So, who do you think YOU are?

The stars aren’t the only ones interested in ancestry research! You can learn about your family history and ancestry with a simple test. The DNA test at Test Smartly Labs can reveal many things about you and your family. Find the ARCpoint lab nearest you to learn how a DNA test can answer your questions!

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  1. It sounds like a pretty magical experience.

  2. I think there is already too much media surrounding celebrities.

  3. I guess we can always learn more about celebrities right. I bet this would be a cool experience to go through and hope to be able to do it one day

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