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Answering Adoption Ancestry Questions


February 25, 2012 by Turn The Page

It’s common for adopted children (even now adults) to have many lingering questions when it comes to identity. Life-long questions often pop-up in an adoptive child’s mind:

Who am I?

What were my biological parents like?

What nationalities do I have?

Where did my ancestors come from?

The list goes on and on…

Finding Answers To Questions About Heritage

Luckily, as an adopted child in 2012, you’re not all that much different than many others out there who have long-lost questions about their heritage. Some people have extensive family trees and know that their ancestors came from Italy or Sweeden, for example. However, many have no idea about the blood running through their veins … nor the countries from which their great-great-great grandparents came from. Where they’re adopted or not.

Advances in DNA testing have opened doors for many medical enterprises, but we’re also excited for the answers they’re giving people – adopted and non-adopted – about answering the long-lost questions of “Who am I?” and “Where Did I come From?” Finally adopted children can have some answers when it comes to knowing their biological family’s heritage. It doesn’t have to be long-lost information.

While the testing doesn’t give all of the answers nor locate a birth mother, it can give a clue as to heritage. And if there’s a person you think you might have relation to, it allows us to test and see if there is blood relation.

Genealogy Testing for Adoption

If you’re looking for clues about your ethnic origin, consider having a DNA test today. Many of our clients have left with answers – knowing for example they are 38% German, 24% American Indian, 12% Irish and so on…. It’s been amazing to see what little percentages can do for a person’s identity when they’re looking for answers. Find an DNA Ancestry Testing center to see it can can find the answers you’re looking for, too.

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