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July 15, 2013 by Turn The Page

family ancestry

How would you feel if you were given the chance to trace back your ancestral roots? Most people would find it very interesting. Imagine finding that your ancestors originated from the Congo in Africa or somewhere in the middle east. Thanks to modern-day technology and science, it is possible to use DNA and written records to trace your ancestors who lived thousands of years ago.

Geneticsfamily ancestry

Without genetics, we wouldn’t know much about human history. The power of genetics tells us about ourselves, our history and our role in it. Bones and artifacts left behind from our ancestors can help trace the immigration habits of people as well as their genetic makeup.


Biologically, it has been shown that DNA is inherited almost identically across each generation, and only small changes in DNA have taken place over thousands of years. This rate at which DNA changes take place can be calculated over time to match up with points in the human immigration history. This allows us to determine where exactly each one of us came from.


Studies have shown that some people who shared the same geographic ancestry also share the same small differences seen in both their y-DNA and mt-DNA. These people are grouped in a special category called haplogroups. Today, there are hundreds of haplogroups both from the maternal and paternal side.

How it Works

The mt-DNA from the maternal side traces back through a lineage of mothers. On the other hand, the y-DNA from the paternal side traces back through a lineage of fathers. This information helps us to trace back our common ancestry. Tracing your roots from both the maternal and paternal side can be done through a comparison of your mt-DNA with those existing in a database. Even though this information will not reveal many of your relatives at once, it gives you the chance to explore and know who your ancestors were.

Finding your roots is a good way to get in touch with your ancestry and family history. Need a DNA test? Find the nearest Test Smartly Labs to you!

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  1. Someday I will do this, it would be pretty awesome to know about my ancestors from thousands of years ago.

  2. Finding out your family’s history is also a great way to find out health history for future precautions.

  3. It’s crazy/cool that they can find out so much from one test.

  4. I am interested in exploring more about my heritage.

  5. This is a really great topic to learn about.

  6. It would be more than interesting to find out about my lineage through the years for sure. Thanks for sharing the info.

  7. Pretty awesome medical technology.

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