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Family Reunions: Reflecting on Family History and Genealogy


July 1, 2013 by Turn The Page

I recently celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday. Our entire family came together for a weekend-long party to honor her life. As family members arrived from near and far, I realized that this weekend was not just a birthday party. It was also the perfect opportunity for a family reunion.

My grandma told me amazing stories as we looked at old photos. I know that throughout the weekend, my cousins, sisters, and aunts and uncles shared stories and explained the family tree. This time together let us peek into our family history.

Family Reunions: An Opportunity for Stories

family history tree

Whether your family is large or small, spread across the country or living in the same town, you can learn so much by organizing a family reunion. Family reunions don’t have to follow a set plan. Your family is unique; Plan your gathering to fit the personalities and size of your group.

Gather Family History Information

The conversations between generations are some of the most rewarding ones at reunions. To encourage relatives to ask questions about their ancestry and each other’s lives, gather information to bring to the reunion.

To be prepared for sharing and listening to stories about your relatives, you need some background information about your heritage. You might be surprised to learn the details of your ancestry. A simple DNA test can give you accurate information about your genealogy. Contact Test Smartly Labs for more information about DNA testing.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. They are right. One old photograph can spark many stories and memories. Gather your candid shots and ask relatives to do the same. Ask your parents, grandparents and aunts to gather photographs. You may consider archiving the photos and transforming them to a digital copy to keep the old photos safe.

Share Family History Information

Once you’ve gathered your photos, you’ll need to get them ready for the reunion. At our reunion, we watched a video presentation of photos that spanned the duration of my grandma’s life. They also created a book full of photographs. You can use simple online tools to help you create videos and books. At the reunion, pass the books. Older family members will love seeing the photos in one place. Looking at the pictures will remind them of places they’ve visited, childhood memories and funny stories. Encourage children to ask questions and learn about the family tree.

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  1. Your elders are the best people to hear stories and learn valuable advice from. They have been through so much already and think about the changes they have seen over the last 70 plus years. 90? That’s a lot of changes, I bet it was great to discuss.

  2. Great way to connect in new ways to family and enjoy time together.

  3. Twin Fitness says:

    Nothing like spending time with family, and writing history. Time well spent for the future of any family tree.

  4. Your ancestry is a great thing to document. Spending time with family, and going over your heritage could be something fun and exciting for some of the younger generations.

  5. You’re making me become more aware of my genealogy.

  6. Thank you for providing us with all of this information.

  7. It is always fun going through old albums.

  8. Family reunions are always a great time in our family, so many stories and different personalities. Nothing beats family

  9. Sounds like a great opportunity to do some family ancestry digging!

  10. You never know what you’ll find out! It’s important for a person to know where they came from.

  11. I love family reunions, all the old stories are fun to hear.

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