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Royal Baby Arrives: All Eyes on London


July 23, 2013 by Turn The Page

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The royal baby has arrived and all eyes are on London. Curious minds are asking lots of questions. What will the baby be named? Who will the baby look like? When will parents Will and Kate make a public appearance for the world to see the new bundle of joy?

The international obsession with the royal baby has hit a peak. Much of the excitement truly can be tied to one thing: this baby’s genes connect him to royalty. Let’s take a look at some of the baby’s family history and ancestry.

Royal Announcement: It’s a boy!

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The first question on everyone’s mind (Will it be a boy or girl?) was answered with the birth of a healthy baby boy Monday.

Crowds gathered around the palace gates waiting for the news. Officials declared that the prince was born at 4:24 p.m. Monday, weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces, at the central London hospital. Both William and brother Harry were born at the same hospital.

New Arrival has interesting Royal Ancestry

The world knows that the newest little prince hails from two beloved figures, Prince William and Princess Kate. However, he has a diverse lineage that traces a long line of both royals and commoners. Genealogists have been tracing the baby’s lineage since the couple announced they were expecting.

These genealogists speculated and found many interesting connections. Some traced the prince to the Muslim Prophet Mohammed and the family of Winston Churchill. In the UK, local experts tried to connect the baby to people in their area. In the US, experts claim that the royal baby is a distant relative of Hollywood’s own “royal” baby, Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Royal Baby: What’s in a name?

The brief announcement Monday followed tradition and did not include the baby’s name. The parents will likely announce the name in the coming days after they leave the hospital. While we must wait for the news, we do know that his official title will be His Royal Highness Prince (name) of Cambridge.

Many have attempted to predict the baby’s name, choosing traditional names that reflect the baby’s ancestry and heritage. Bookmakers have placed odds on a few potentials. Some in the running are George, James, Henry and Richard. The babe might be given multiple names, much like his father, uncle Harry and grandfather. Prince William’s full name is William Arthur Phillip Louis.

DNA Research for the commoners

All this talk about the royal baby’s lineage has sparked my curiosity. What is my lineage? Who are my distant relatives? Unless you have a detailed family history record, you probably don’t know much about your ancestry. The staff at Test Smartly Labs can help you- learn about ancestry DNA testing and discover more about yourself!

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  1. Everybody is very excited about this!

  2. LindenGrove says:

    I think it would be neat for them to combine a traditional name (like Henry or James) with a unique modern name. It would make it fresh.

  3. Uncle Sam's says:

    Somehow it still feels cool when a Prince is born, even when they are not the Price of America. congrats

  4. It’s crazy that so many people are following this story. Congrats to the family.

  5. Congrats on the arrival on the new Royal family member.

  6. Veggytopia says:

    I wonder what is name will be, can’t wait to find out!

  7. How exciting! Wonder who the little tot will take after more, father or mother.

  8. Congrats on the baby. Hope all the best.

  9. The baby just got named too. Congrats to the whole royal family!!!

  10. It seems funny that the birth of a royal baby in one country is world news. People love babies though!

  11. Ha if they were in America pictures and name would already be leaked. Welcome to the world new prince.

  12. I can’t wait to see pictures and find out what his name is but why so much secrecy?

  13. Congrats to the Royal family and look forward to seeing pics.

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